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Combining Mobile Apps with Telecommunication and Enterprise Systems
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Our scientific staff has many years of experience in mobile and enterprise application technologies, creating a series of apps for general use by the public, productivity, entertainment and e-commerce services.

Our engineers focus on understanding each customer's operations in order to achieve optimal design, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and accumulated experience in integrated systems. The company's applications cover B2B, B2C and G2C (Government to Citizen) functions, creating integrated solutions utilizing Front End web systems and mobile apps and Back End based on SOA, Open Environments (Systems and DB) as well as Cloud infrastructure.

With the guidance of our experienced consultants and analysts compined with your own experience in operations and requirements, will result to the amalgamation of technologies which will be applied and implemented by our specialized developers.

Our developers are experienced:

  • in the creation of functional, well designed and technically advanced Android and iOS applications
  • on enterprise systems as well as advanced Java, Swift, HTML, Javascript, PHP and Python applications, MySQL, Postgres and Oracle
the above give us the flexibility needed to fulfil meet your requirements.

The DevOp engineers implements safe and uninterrupted operations of all systems that will be utilized, when the application will be in production. Both the maintenance and the debugging of the mobile app are done by our company.

All this makes our company, the ideal choice to improve our customer's functionality and extroversion.


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All organizations need IT teams to develop and deliver innovative applications rapidly in order to achieve a competitive advantage and operational efficiency. Our technical experts can provide such solutions utilising the most aprropriate technological approach combined with the collective experience of the team. We develop efficient UI/UX able to exploit the APIs that interconnect to the existing DB and services infrastuctures and create complementary ones.

For speed, flexibility and agility we enhance open software solutions optimized for your needs, in architectures spanning across clouds and without the drag of complex, proprietary infrastructures. We will be your team to support and enhance your solution any time this is required.

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